The following workshops are available to the community. Please contact for details to schedule a workshop.

Be Prepared, Not Scared

Disaster Preparedness Education Program

A three-part senior disaster preparedness education program is available, tailored to the Access and Functional Needs community and the general population.


Program Overview:


Protect Yourself

  • Evacuation & Communication Plan
  • First Aid Kit/Planning ahead for Medicines & Devices
  • Packing Your To-Go Bag

Protect Your Assets

  • Insure your home to value, an insurance primer (United Policyholders)
  • Document & Divide
  • Insure your contents to value (United Policyholders)

Protect Your Property

  • Protecting the Home
  • Protecting the Homesite (Hardscape & Landscaping)
  • Home Safety Inspection


Homeowners Wildfire Assessment Program

These workshops feature local residents hosting [hands-on] classes at their homes. The wildfire assessment team leads groups of participating residents on walk-arounds of the hosts’ homes: inspecting the property, highlighting wildfire risks, and discussing retrofitting and maintenance options.


Upon completing the workshop, residents will be:

  • Educated on protecting themselves and their homes from wildfire threats.
  • Knowledgeable about tools for implementing proactive steps to reduce wildfire property risks.
  • Motivated to actively prepare for wildfires, having seen the risks to their home highlighted.

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