Workshops & Classes


Educational programs are provided throughout the community in both public facilities and private residences and wildfire educational materials are always available at the RB Fire Safe Council’s office.  Educational workshops can be provided for any community group or community center, so please contact us if you would like to sponsor one.


The Fire Safe Council also offers workshop for homeowners on how to better protect their home and homesite from wildfire.  If you are interested in hosting a Wildfire Risk Mitigation Workshop,  please contact


This three-hour workshop will educate homeowners on what they can do to protect themselves against future wildfire threat, provide tools to facilitate implementation of pro-active steps to reduce wildfire property risks, and motivate residents to take care of their property by highlighting the risk at their home.


Workshop Overview:


Two “hosts” will offer their home-sites for each class.  Participating homeowners (or renters) will learn about the science of fires, home and homesite risk factors, and then “walk around” the two houses with the instruction team.  The instructors will inspect the structures and landscaping elements, identify wildfire property risks, and describe the retrofit and maintenance options. Participants will complete the Assessment Tool (based on University of California at Berkeley Fire Information Engine Toolkit, followed by Q & A time. Afterwards, instructions will be provided for participants to complete the Assessment of their own home, identify their risks, and complete the Action worksheet.

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