Senior Preparedness

RB United offers a senior preparedness program – Protect Yourself Senior Preparedness.


Protect Yourself Senior Preparedness


This program provides a targeted preparedness program with specific workshops to help individuals become better educated and better prepared for future emergencies and disasters.  Workshops can be scheduled individually or in a series for small and large groups.  Contact RB United to schedule.


Program Overview:


Protect Yourself  Series (3 workshops)

  • Evacuation & Communication Plan
  • First Aid Kit/Planning ahead for Medicines & Devices
  • Packing Your To-Go Bag

Protect Your Assets  Series (in conjunction with United Policyholders; 3 workshops)

  • Insure your home to value, an insurance primer
  • Document & Divide
  • Insure your contents to value

Protect Your Property Series (one three-hour workshop at the property owner’s home)

  • Protecting the Home
  • Protecting the Homesite (Hardscape & Landscaping)
  • Home Safety Inspection


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